Saturday, December 6, 2014

Guess where I am on...

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BTW, watched Mockingjay. I miss you, Peeta!
Hi twinklers! I have news for you! *Cue drum roll please.* 
Twinkle Little Books is now on BlogLovin! While looking for inspiration from other book blogs, I noticed that they had a variety of following options. So, I decided to do that too since I know some people follow on other social media. 

As well, I would like to say "Thank you for checking out my blog and thoughts when there are such great book blogs out there. Being new to the blogging community is such a great experience so far. I don't see blogging as a project but, as a hobby that is fun to me. It's not an obligation. Any way for me to express my love for reading is worth it. So, once again, THANK YOU."

*Disclaimer: I am not saying to follow me. My goal is not to get followers, it is to express my love for reading and books.

Is there any other places you request in order to easily follow and read my blog? Comment down below! 

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