Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pair Me Up! Tuesday ~ Team Hector

Formerly known as Team Tuesday, Pair Me Up Tuesday follows the same terms as Team Tuesday. (Sorry for the lack of posting these posts!) I have recently finished one of new favorite fantasy series this year, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy. So, definitely I choose Lord Hector for Elisa more than ever! 

My heart belongs to Lord Hector because:

1. His honor as Captain of the Queen's Guard may be maddening when he can't put his feelings on the forefront but, he does have good intentions.

     Hector refers back to his honor to protecting Elisa many times when he knows that technically, he shouldn't have feelings for royalty. His honor blocks all his feelings from showing. But, what I respect about his honor is that, he shows that he cares too much to let his feelings guide him. Hector does his job well but, sometimes he needs to forget about that honor and just love (me) oops, I meant Elisa.

Psst... I'm the one who's rejected. 

2. When he loves, he loves hard.

        Hector has fallen for Elisa when he found her after she was kidnapped and from that moment on. No matter what Elisa saw with her insecurities about her body and other things, Hector overlooked that and still loved her for her. He's not the type to fall in love for some time and move on, NO, he's the type to love someone for as long as he lives.

3. He's the Captain of the Guard. 

      Ok, who doesn't ogle their eyes over the captain of the guard? Hector wouldn't be chosen to be the Captain if he didn't have these qualities: loyalty, honesty, physical-ability, fairness, etc. So far, I have my eyes for two characters that are captain of the guard in their books... I am slowly collecting more. *wink*

Always looking for the star,

peach sundress ~
Did I convince you to love Hector too? Or did you love him already? Why? Comment below!

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