Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Team Tuesday ~ Team Evan

*Shouting* TEAM TUESDAY! TEAM TUESDAY IS HERE ONCE AGAIN! I can't contain my excitement for today. I've been reading The 5th Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey and I am so on Team Evan. So... that means I will be ranting about Evan Walker of The 5th Wave.

My heart belongs to Evan because:

1. Even though he is assigned as a Silencer, he takes control of his humanity and listens to his heart.

     Evan doesn't think like his other kind and is on the side of the humans. While being in a human body for like 5 years, he has turned his humanity on. He develops a love for Cassie when all thought it was impossible. His heart is the true key as to how he becomes more human than other.

2. He keeps his promises no matter what happens.

      Even though the situation becomes bad or dangerous, he always keeps his promises to Cassie. He promises to come back to her when he says it. In a world where promises became the new currency, Evan fulfills it unless he did not say it. 

"I kept my promise," he whispered.
3. At times of seriousness, he always says something sweet to distract one from the real situation.

     Cassie always gets mad at when Evan does this but, she still thinks it's sweet. (I think so too!) He reveals something bad with something nice to say first about Cassie like about how he loves her, etc. He always drops some info that is crucial later on. The things he says are so sweet and loving, driving you to love his some more.

"That was his style, too: Every time I edged too close to something, he deflected by tell me how much he loved me or how I saved him or some other swoony, pseudo-profound observation about the nature of my magnificence. But I grabbed the pad and pen from the desk and handed them over because, at the end of the day, who minds getting a tender love poem?"

"He was nodding thoughtfully. "God, I've missed you." 
"There! There it is, right there! Just like the Walker homestead, just like Camp Ashpit, just like Vosch's death camp. Whenever I've got you cornered..."

Evan Walker has me on his team in The 5th Wave Trilogy by Rick Yancey. Although he does not reveal his secrets as fast as I want him to, he does rebound by saying something romantic. *Happy sigh once again.* (What am I doing to myself?)

Always looking for the star,

peach sundress ~

Are you on Team Evan? What are your reasons for being on his team? Do you like him because my same reasons I do? Comment below!

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