Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Team Tuesday ~ {Team Cole}

Welcome twinklers to another Team Tuesday! Today, I will be ranting about the glorious, Cole Holland, of The White Rabbit Chronicles by Gena Showalter. If you haven't read the series yet, you better get on it fast because you will start liking Cole too! (But, just remember he was mine and Ms. Showalter's first! Just kidding, we know we all have to thank Ms. Showalter for our Cole!)

A piece (A big portion, I mean. But, still I have to share my bookish heart for everyone.) of my heart belongs to Cole because: 

1. As the leader of the Zombieslayers, he leads and cares for all his friends until the last zombie bites the dust. 

     Cole will equally fight for his team of friends/zombieslayers. He keeps everyone on check and leads all the missions that usually win. (His favorite thing is winning!) However, he is never the leader when it comes to his relationship with Ali because he knows that she rules his heart!

2. He respects all of Ali's decisions and choices. As well, he sees her as a strong woman who doesn't need a man to save her.

      Although Cole does give in when the situation comes to Ali's sake, he does respect and admire her in many ways. He knows that she can take care of herself because she is headstrong and stubborn. Also, he respects the decisions that Ali makes unless it's not life threatening (Which she does a lot of those.). 

3. He uses a crossbow. I think enough is said.

      Cole's weapon is a crossbow. Who is not attracted to people who knows how to use a bow and arrow? I imagine Cole looking all kick-butt and one with using his weapon when killing zombies. Can you blame me?

*Totally unrelated but, I love Daryl from The Walking Dead too!*

Cole is one of those characters that just warms your bookish heart just makes you swoon at every action he does in the book. Where can I find a Cole in my life?

Always looking for the star,

peach sundress ~

Why are you on Team Cole? Have you read The White Rabbit Chronicles yet? Let's fangirl together about our beloved Cole Holland!

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