Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Team Tuesday ~ {Team Maxon}

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Hi twinklers! I am introducing a new post I am going be blogging about on Tuesdays and it is called, "Team Tuesday". On Team Tuesday, I will rant about which team I side on in love triangles or just which person I think the main character should be with! Or who is just my favorite character is in a book! (Also, including which character is one of my book boyfriends...) Just saying, I am willing to share my favorite characters and will not fight for them unless they are mine, of course! (Jk, we can all share here.)

My first Team Tuesday belongs to my first ever book crush: Maxon Schreave of The Selection Series. *Squealing every time I hear his name!*

My heart belongs to Maxon because:

1. He is such a gracious and kind person. 
     Maxon gives so much and does not expect anything given back to him. Although in The Selection  Series, he is always getting hurt by many people especially America. But, he still remains to be the kindest character I ever read about because his main cause in life appears to be always helping people until they are happy. Plus, who gives a house even when that person has broken his heart many times? Maxon.

He gifted America with a photograph of a yellow house that is actually for her family. *Swoons.*

2. He does and says the sweetest things to America.
      Even in times of danger and chaos, Maxon still says the sweetest words to America that will just warm your shipper heart. We know his love for America is strong but, do you think he can spare some for me? (I mean for all of us please, Maxon?)

"You're worth it. I don't think you get that. You're worth it to me."

"I'll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours. I don't want to die without you knowing that."

"In those seconds, I was mourning everything I'd lost. How I'd never get to see you walk down an aisle toward me, how I'd never get to see your face in our children, how I'd never get to see streaks of silver in your hair. But, at the same time, I couldn't be bothered. If me dying meant you living" - he did his one-shoulder shrug again - "how could that be anything but good?"  

pikachu gif photo: pikachu dbme6d.gif

3. He forgives those who has betrayed him.

    Although many people close to him has betrayed his trust, Maxon doesn't hold a long grudge as other guys may have done. He forgives and forgets all the problems thrown at him.

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There are many other reasons as to why Maxon is my number 1 book boyfriend but, if I keep on talking, I feel that I can't stop! He is just... *happily sighs* 

Always looking for the star,

peach sundress ~

Comment below your reasons as to why you are on Team Maxon or why Maxon is yours! I would like to hear your opinions and talk about *happily sighs again* Maxon!

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